Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Landscape painting

I worked on a dog painting recently, but decided to wait a bit before working on it anymore, and will show you guys the process of it once I finish:) Today I both started and finished a new piece that I am actually very pleased with.  I hope to hear what anyone thinks, and would like some solid critiques.

This first picture was taken after I had completed a simple outline of what I was painting.  I wanted to make sure not to paint blue beneath the trees, because I wanted them to retain all of their color.

This is the painting order that I used, as you can see that most of the background was in place BEFORE painting the trees.  Unfortunately, I completely forgot to put in the darkest part of the background, and stopped mid-tree to finish it.  

Here is the final product, plus a closeup of the tree on the right.  The snow texture on the branches was made with a painting spatula.

"Fresh Snow"
Acrylic on Canvas

Now, for some exciting news.  I will be setting up a secondary blog for selling my art only.  Hopefully, it will be up before the new year.  You should be able to find all of my works that are for sell, and purchase them there.  

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