Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time-Lapse Illustration

Here is something I am working on, and since I got a new camera that actually works I decided to make a video of me inking it in.  I will most likely work on it later digitally...note: the following illustration might be weird.


  1. Amazing! A clowntopus! This is freakiness! :D

    Were you holding the camera with your left hand? That would make things kinda awkward... or were you going for the Blair-witch shaky-cam style video? :p Is there any way for you to fix the camera down so that it's stationary? It would make it easier to see the piece coming together.

    I downloaded some free time-lapse software and set it to take a pic every 10 seconds from my webcam, which I stuck to a box on my desk. I kept forgetting I was being filmed :)

    Will you be doing any more of these? It was fun to watch.

    1. ha thanx:)

      And ....yesssss i was holding the was a very complicated process...with the new camera and the paper being oversized, and me not having a large enough memory card at the time to film all of it in one sitting-.- Somehow, I doubt I will EVER record like this again, but no worries, I have some stuffssss on the way to my house that will make this much, much easier.

      Have you been receiving any mail lately? lol

    2. Yikes, what a chore! So.... was it filmed as a movie, then sped up? Or did you take individual photos and edit them together? I think you should attempt a BIG ink drawing. Like A1 size. It'll take forever, but it'll be incomprehensibly incredible! It's the kind of stuff that gets noticed! :D

      I got an email inviting me to google plus...?! ;) But no real world mail. Will take a few weeks, I'm sure. I'll let you know when it arrives. Probably make a blog post about it, with a link here (if you want).

      Look forward to your future steady-cam time-lapses :)

    3. Yes, it was filmed as a movie and then sped up in iMovie. -_____- and a chore is most certainly was. That paper was quite a bit bigger than the sizes I normally use (well way longer, at least), but I could definitely do something bigger:)

      Haha, that will make for an interesting post! I hope it arrives soon.

  2. Ahahaaha I love the concept!! IT meets Ursula or something haha. Oh man you were holding the camera the whole time O_o mission^millionth power