Monday, April 30, 2012

Attack of the Alien Bots Early Illustration

After combining the sisters and robots into several peace-of-mind serving thumbnails, I finally decided on (sort of) just working with the piece you see below.  I'm getting to know the characters quite a bit more (and so are you) so I definitely have some future plans for them:)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Alien Bots Concept

Some alien robot rough sketches.  Just a little character for future reference:)

Vagabond Doodle

Here's a little rough sketch for a vagabond themed graphic that I did a while back. I'm kind of liking it now...which might lead to some ink illustrations in the future:)

Hair Full of Forest

This is the fully inked 'lady of the forest.' I really enjoyed just finishing this one, because it wasn't  complicated and I really didn't concern myself with perfection.  I guess art is therapeutic:) Also, get ready for some robot invasion concepts...

Sisters in Action and Forest of Hair

Here are some rough sketches I worked up this evening.  The two sisters are back in action as they fight off alien robots. Eventually, when I'm pleased with their look, I will use them in full-color illustrations...but until that day, rough sketches will abound.  As for the lady of the forest, so to speak, she is going to be just a standard ink illustration.  I was getting frustrated not having something that I could finish in the works, since I've been doing a lot of rough concept sketches lately.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Sisters Concept Sketch

These weird sisters are closely related in style to the previous big-haired boy concept.  I used similar body, head and eye shapes.  This is a super rough sketch, and clearly I need a better eraser lol, but anyway, these two are going to be brightly colored and have some cyber influences.  I'm thinking all three of these little characters might team up in the future....

Concept Character Sketch, Big Haired Kid!

Here is a new sketch I worked around with today.  He's a concept character with big hair and flip-flops...what else can I say? This pic was taken straight from my sketch-clipboard...(yes, this could be considered similar to a sketchbook, but yet so much.....better ha O.o)

Monday, April 23, 2012