Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Panda Fantasy

Ok, so I know this may seem a bit off from the paintings I have been showing on here, but after you take a look at the ink page, I'm sure you'll realize this is pretty mild.....all things considered.  This new piece that's in the works has a panda, yes I said it, a panda.  Not only a panda, but a person riding a panda.  Let that sink in a bit, and while you're at it, realize you shouldn't get your hopes up about seeing the finished painting.  Why? Well, because I said so.  In the unfortunate event that I find myself hating the painting how it turns out, I'll might consider not posting it.  But, don't worry, cause who knows if that'll even happen...

So here is some of the work in progress, including an initial doodle to get the idea down and some photos of how the painting is coming along.  Enjoy:)


  1. Hi. The Panda is wearing pyjamas, and has a bow? Neat.

    This has a similar setting to a painting I'm working on. Though I've only sketched it out. And it won't look as good as yours (obviously, you being a better painter than me). Please show the finished piece! :)

    Do you know why I am not getting updates about your blog on my dashboard, even though I am a follower...? Have you disabled this in your settings?

  2. Ha... you'll see when I get it finished what it's wearing, and I can't wait to see how yours turns out as well!

    About the updates dilema... I've read that Blogger is in the process of fixing this issue, as it seems that a lot of people are having problems with seeing updates or even just seeing the blogs they've followed. I've heard that Safari isn't having these problems. You might try switching to another browser and seeing if that helps.

    If you still can't see my updates please leave me a comment, and I'll try to find another solution:)