Saturday, June 2, 2012

Banshee Fantasy Art

So of course I have some new fantasy art for all my lovelies.  Currently, making videos of most of my recent illustrations has been quite irritating, and I may stop doing that for a while due to the restraints it puts on my need to move about the room.  As for the newer illustrations, I've been receiving some great feedback and response back in the real world, and plan to continue in this direction and vein of work.

OK, now for the art. Obviously, as the title suggests, this fantasy doodle is of a banshee.  For those of you who don't know, a banshee is the ghost or spirit of a woman who basically screams at you to warn you of your death.  Sounds pleasant enough, right?  It's not bad enough that you're going to die soon, but just in case you really aren't, I'm sure having a ghost sneak up on you and scream will surely do the trick.

This piece was painted with a mixture of acrylic and watercolor paint, and on top of that there is a whole-lotta pen and ink work.

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