Saturday, December 31, 2011

Art for sell!

I now have my new blog set up, and will be posting several works up there.  Tabs for pen and ink, acrylic and sketchbook will be included.  I will continue to update the originals tab of this blog, so that everyone can view all of my paintings in one place.

Now, to show you a charcoal sketch I did from a photo.  I know, I know...great art supposedly doesn't come from photographs, or so they say, but I like to practice that way.  Most of my landscape and still life paintings from now on will be on sight, combined with a few reference photos, so I can finish up at my studio....which doubles as my room, at the moment, hehe.

The charcoal piece below is from a while back, but I wanted to post it anyway, so that when I put something new up, my progress can be made more apparent, though I do like this one!

This is something I did a few months ago, so I can't post the process, or steps.  If you would like to request something, I would be happy to demonstrate a technique step by step for you guys:).  This painting took me a while to complete, even though it isn't too large.

Morning Owl
Acrylic on canvas board

Comment as much as you like! As soon as I have my other blog fully completed(hopefully within a few hours) I will make an updated post on here!

See ya soon:)