Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twitter and Another Owl

First off, thanks to all the peeps that have started following me on Twitter...and to the ones that unfollow, you'll be OK (for now, until I find out where you live).   I've added a counter on the side, that I, so lucky for me and my absolutely free schedule >_> , get to manually update at TwitterCounter.  I figure it's just another gadget to bedazzle my utterly barren little blog, but ya know, it's like a new toy to fool with;)

Now, on to the grand finale...the new painting. This little illustration is part 2 of my horned owl series, and it's obviously a barn owl (what? you don't have a degree in ornithology?)...I adore their big heart-shaped faces and dark eyes.  I'm really enjoying mixing the watercolor and acrylic paints to give me just the right consistency. I feel like I have a whole lot more flexibility with it, and hope to be moving on to some bigger pieces soon. I also have some larger watercolor paper and more illustration markers on the way (hooray) so get ready for a butt-load of more art:)

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