Sunday, February 19, 2012

Truck Art.... flat tire, rusted and old

I have something new for everyone today. I've been playing around with charcoal lately and here is something that I'm not quite finished with. This piece of art will be for sale once I have completed all the little details. This truck is rusted and old, and would probably have a lot to say.

I started as always with a light preliminary sketch from reference photos.  I then filled in the darkest shadows which began to give form to the entire piece.  I didn't tape the paper down like I do with my ink art, but instead used a ruler to simply mark out a basic border.  The reason I don't tape it down is because charcoal smears rather easily and I find I can avoid that mess by rotating the paper around as I work.

Original charcoal

1 comment:

  1. ok---after careful scrutiny,I'm impressed! The attention to detail is great(look hard at the texture of the truck body and 'scaring' of old chrome pieces).The entire setting seems to say "been around a looong time",something a great many of us can relate to! I am looking forward to seeing more works by this individual!----- sdltrmp