Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Desert Scene Painting Process

Tonight I have a new painting in the works to show.  I suppose this is just another thing that I have started and have yet to finish.  I'm working out what details I want to add and the mood as well, although that has already begun to develop.  I first gessoed the fiber board and then sketched out the desert scene.  The main section of desert (almost the entire bottom half) was created through a mixture of ochre and basic red with an occasional touch of a dark, red-undertoned brown.

What I have so far is a very basic painting with very little depth (in the sand anyway)and not any real focus.  As of now this square painting is sitting on my easel waiting to be completed.

^Mixture used to create basic dark desert color.

YES, at that point that weird texture was on purpose.

So, what do you think?  Boring, great, needs more, or just fine as is??? I obviously think it needs to be finished, but part of being an artist is knowing when to stop.


  1. Your work is awesome. You are very talented, and I love your versatility. Really like the oranges, strawberry, and old truck. I have your blog book-marked, and look forward to forthcoming posts. Keep up the great work.