Monday, May 21, 2012

Grumpy Round Creature with a Tail

So I've created another illustration, and this time it seems the character is a bit round, horned, tailed, and the dearth of joy emanating from his grouchy eyes is a bit funny...maybe it's just the mood I'm in at the moment, but I can relate.  I started this illustration with charcoal and water, and then later moved to watercolors.

Don't worry, I have pics for all to see;)

Before I added any watercolor to the charcoal, I sprayed the illustration with a sealant, to prevent 

^The watercolors I buy come in tubes, but for convenience I keep a bit of each color separated into these awesome little containers.  They are so easy to just throw in your bag or box, etc... and take with you, plus they keep me from wasting any of the paint.

^ At this point I had added just a little pigment to the illustration. I was having problems keeping the paint flowing smoothly, because apparently the spray I put over the charcoal acts something like glass and nothing wanted to stick...>_<

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